The Rhino Piercing Is TikTok’s Newest Physique Jewellery Obsession

Whereas the identify has historic Greek origins, Pearce says the rhino piercing itself will be traced again to indigenous cultures.” “We give full credit score to indigenous cultures,” says Pearce. “It’s due to them that we nonetheless have this excellent custom and ceremony for ourselves immediately.”

Rhino Piercing Dangers

Like with any piercing, you need to take into account the aesthetic placement, performance, aseptic approach, correct aftercare, and potential dangers earlier than getting a rhino. All piercings pose a possible danger of an infection (if correct aftercare is not diligently adopted—extra on that later). Whereas there isn’t an elevated risk of an infection because of the piercing’s placement within the tip of the nostril, there’s a larger risk of migration or rejection (in comparison with, say, a nostril piercing which might result in seen scarring. “The rhino piercing passes by means of delicate tissue, so the necessity for expert and skilled piercers who can decrease such dangers is paramount,” says Pearce.

Rhino Piercing on woman

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In case your rhino piercing isn’t put in with correct approach or your aftercare is insufficient, Pearce says “granulated tissue, keloid scarring, or hypertrophic scar tissue might type, affecting the aesthetic consequence.” These issues may doubtlessly trigger injury to the nostril that will require medical consideration.

“To mitigate these dangers, it is important to decide on a good piercer who tailors the piercing course of to particular person anatomy and ensures correct jewellery match to boost consolation and decrease complication,” says Pearce.

Does the Rhino piercing damage?

Everybody’s ache tolerance is completely different however the brief reply is sure. “In comparison with different nostril piercings, the situation and nature of the rhino piercing may end up in heightened discomfort throughout and after the process,” says Pearce.

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