Do You Want Collagen Dietary supplements? A Full Information

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Because the ‘grasp of nudes’, quite a lot of my work is pores and skin centered. And as you’ll know when you’ve learn my guide Eat Lovely (hyperlink already in), I at all times take an inside-out strategy to nice pores and skin. Collagen is essentially the most considerable protein in our physique. It’s answerable for offering construction and elasticity to our pores and skin, bones, joints, and tissue. As we age, our physique’s capability to supply collagen decreases, which may result in wrinkles, joint ache, and different indicators of ageing. This has led to an increase in recognition for collagen dietary supplements, however do you really want them?


Picture Credit score @ Zoe McConnell for Selection

What’s Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that’s discovered within the connective tissues of our physique. It makes up about one-third of all of the protein in our physique and is answerable for offering energy and help to our tissues, in addition to serving to with the formation of recent cells. There are over 20 several types of amino acids that make up collagen. They’re important for the formation of collagen and are present in excessive concentrations in collagen-rich meals like bone broth and gelatin.

One of the well-known advantages of collagen is its capability to enhance the looks of our pores and skin. As we age, our our bodies produce much less collagen, which may result in wrinkles, sagging pores and skin, and a lack of elasticity. By supplementing with collagen, we may help to revive the degrees of this necessary protein in our pores and skin, which may result in a younger and radiant look.

Collagen has additionally been proven to assist cut back joint ache and stiffness, making it a preferred complement for athletes and people with arthritis or different joint circumstances. It is vital for intestine well being and digestion.

Picture Credit score @ Zoe McConnell for Selection

What are the Totally different Forms of Collagen Dietary supplements?

Collagen dietary supplements are available in numerous varieties, together with powders, capsules, and drinks. They are often created from completely different sources, reminiscent of bovine, fish, or rooster collagen. The commonest sorts of collagen dietary supplements are Kind I, II, and III collagens. Kind I collagen is essentially the most considerable kind of collagen in our physique and is present in our pores and skin, bones, and tendons. It supplies construction and help to those tissues and helps to maintain them sturdy and versatile. Kind II collagen is principally present in cartilage and helps to cushion and defend our joints. Kind III collagen is present in our pores and skin and organs and helps to keep up their elasticity and firmness.

You must keep in mind that whereas collagen dietary supplements will be useful, they aren’t a magic answer for all indicators of ageing and also you also needs to focus in your food plan, skincare regime and way of life to make sure the absolute best outcomes.

Picture Credit score @ Zoe McConnell for Selection

How Do Collagen Dietary supplements Work?

Collagen dietary supplements work by offering your physique with the amino acids it must construct new collagen proteins. The proteins can then be utilized in numerous components of your physique to enhance pores and skin elasticity, cut back joint ache, and enhance general well being.

Is Collagen Protected to Take?

Collagen dietary supplements are typically thought-about protected to take, however there could also be some unwanted effects relying on the kind of collagen and the particular person taking it. It’s necessary to speak to your physician earlier than beginning collagen dietary supplements in case you have any underlying well being circumstances.

Are There Any Pure Options to Collagen Dietary supplements?

If you wish to keep away from collagen dietary supplements, you’ll be able to attempt consuming a food plan wealthy in collagen-boosting meals, reminiscent of bone broth, salmon, and leafy greens. You may as well enhance collagen manufacturing by getting sufficient sleep, lowering stress, and defending your pores and skin from the solar.


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