Brightline Consuming Overview: A Disgrace-Crammed Advertising Monster

This Brightline Consuming overview is an opinion piece. 

I’ve gotten so many requests for a Brightline Consuming overview, so right here we go!

What’s Brightline Consuming?

Brightline claims that it helps individuals reside ‘glad, skinny, and free’. 

The food regimen is predicated off of the premise that similar to people who smoke who can’t have one cigarette each from time to time, people who find themselves ‘addicted’ to sugar and flour can’t eat these meals. 

Ever. Once more. Not honey, maple syrup, or sweetener. Not almond flour, oat flour, or white flour. Nothing.

Simply to get this out of the way in which, there’s no compelling analysis that meals is addictive. The research on sugar habit – are largely achieved on rodents and their methodology is defective.

One of many extra widespread sugar habit research was achieved on rats whose entry to sugar was restricted, then allowed – ensuing within the rats binging on pure sugar.

However people typically don’t eat pure sugar, and we don’t reside in a restrictive surroundings. Nicely, except you’re on a food regimen like Brightline, however I digress.

Regardless of the analysis that reveals that meals vs drug habit aren’t the identical issues, I perceive that some individuals do really consider and really feel that they’re hooked on issues like sugar and white flour. Though that’s anecdotal proof, we are able to’t ignore it. 

I can’t precisely inform an individual that what they’re feeling isn’t true, however I can very nicely inform them what I consider the food regimen they’re following.

How Does Shiny Line Consuming Work?

The Shiny Strains are like traces within the sand it is best to by no means cross. They’re:

Sugar: Eradicate out of your food regimen utterly

Flour: Eradicate out of your food regimen utterly. Not simply white flour, both: all flour, even when it’s rice or almond or no matter. 

Parts: All the things you eat have to be weighed, measured, and logged

Meals: No snacking between meals

Each morsel of meals have to be weighed and measured. Blended dishes like casseroles aren’t really helpful, as a result of it’s powerful to find out how every ingredient matches into your every day allowances. 

Even in eating places, you have to get out your trusty scale and weigh out your meals. That sounds actually fucking embarrassing and dysfunctional, to be trustworthy.

Brightline does supply the ‘one plate rule’ as nicely, which signifies that as a substitute of weighing your lunch in a restaurant, you’re allowed only one plate. 

It’s virtually as if this food regimen trades one ‘habit’ for one more: consuming versus obsessive weighing and measuring. 

Simply as an apart, because the mom of two pre-teens, I’d be extraordinarily nervous about the kind of meals relationship I’d be modelling with Brightline. It’s one factor to be aware about what you eat, and one other to be obsessive about it. 

The Shiny Line Consuming Plan

Brightline doesn’t give particular meals plans; as a substitute, you get the skeleton of what you’re assigned for a day. For instance, a girl will get the next:

Breakfast: 1 fruit, 1 breakfast grain, 1 protein

Lunch: 1 fruit, 1 fats, 1 protein, 6oz greens

Dinner: 1 protein, 1 fats, 6oz greens, 8oz salad (there’s a distinction?)

Regardless of who you’re, you get the identical plan. It’s one-size-fits-all, 1200 calorie food regimen. 

Though some Brightline followers say they regulate their consuming in response to their measurement and starvation, it seems as if this isn’t really helpful. If you happen to do make changes, you’ll want to do it persistently, that means day by day – not simply including a snack while you like or a bigger meal as a result of it’s your birthday. 

Trusting your physique isn’t a factor with this food regimen; primarily Brightline tells you that your physique isn’t to be trusted, ever. 

Does that sound wholesome to you?

If you happen to worth weight reduction over emotional well being, you would possibly have to re-examine your priorities. These two issues do NOT must be mutually unique. 

It’s potential to attain a wholesome weight and never sacrifice emotional, bodily, or monetary well being. You would possibly have to first discover your ‘why’, which brings me to my subsequent level:

For all the psychology expertise that Susan Peirce Thompson says she has, she spends a number of time telling individuals easy methods to eat and never a number of time asking individuals to determine their ‘why’.

The ‘why’ is the only most vital a part of any consuming plan. The ‘why’ is what you ask your self while you go on food regimen after food regimen, otherwise you binge eat, otherwise you consider you’re ‘addicted’ to sugar. WHY. Why am I consuming this manner? 

Though Brightline likes to diagnose individuals with ‘meals habit’, is the way in which you’re consuming since you’re really hooked on meals or, is it due to some underlying emotional situation? 

Meals is all too typically a symptom, not a trigger. Please do not forget that. So occurring food regimen after food regimen, even punitive, ultra-structured diets like this one, won’t ever aid you obtain significant change for those who don’t first resolve what’s making you overeat within the first place. Interval.

There’s a number of ‘powerful love’ and hyperbole on this food regimen. 

Followers keep away from the ‘NMF’s, that means, ‘Not My Meals’. Any meals that’s off limits is ‘NMF’. As a dietitian, going onto boards and remark sections and seeing what individuals are writing is disturbing.

There’s a ton of ‘poisonous NMF’ and ‘my husband eats S + F (sugar and flour) and it’s so dangerous for him blah blah blah’…as if everyone seems to be killing themselves with regular meals however the Brightline individuals have the key to well being and wellness.

These individuals might have misplaced a considerable quantity of weight, however they don’t appear to be emotionally wholesome by way of their relationships with meals. You shouldn’t really feel like you possibly can’t eat your individual wedding ceremony cake, however this was one Brightline follower’s dilemma. 

If you happen to go off plan, you’re instantly thought-about an ‘addict’, which is, nicely, disturbing. Speak about shaming, wow.


One reviewer said, “The Fb web page scared me, individuals upset with lacking their one fruit, contacting Susan for particular permission so as to add an additional carb as a result of they’re hungry on a regular basis, worrying that they cannot eat a slice of wedding ceremony cake at their very own wedding ceremony as a result of it’s “not their meals”.” 

Thompson recommends placing tape over your mouth whereas cooking so that you don’t take any BLTs, or ‘Bites, Licks, and Tastes’. I’ve by no means heard of something extra shaming and degrading in a food regimen than suggesting an individual put tape on their mouth to cease them from consuming.

Do you severely wish to take recommendation from an individual who tells you to do that?

She tells followers that starvation is a sense that we simply have to be taught to reside with. 

She’s unsuitable. Bodily starvation is your physique telling you that it wants one thing. Why is {that a} dangerous and shameful factor? This food regimen utterly rejects your physique’s inside cues and replaces them totally with exterior guidelines. Certain, individuals say it eliminates the ‘guesswork’ of weight-reduction plan, however that’s a heck of a tradeoff.


The motto of ‘Blissful, Skinny, and Free’ insinuates that being glad hinges on thinness, which is totally tousled. 

Thompson pushes the idea of a ‘proper sized physique’. I perceive the that means of this, however telling those who they’ve to seek out their ‘proper measurement’ is offensive and incorrect.

All of us exist inside a variety, and to name it ‘proper’ or ‘unsuitable’ isn’t acceptable. If I acquire 10 kilos, am I now ‘unsuitable’? Gross.


Thompson tells followers that they should obtain ‘meals neutrality’, that means impartial emotions about meals. As in, no extra being enthusiastic about consuming. If you happen to’re enthusiastic about consuming, you have to be an addict, in response to Brightline.


Thompson says that individuals who don’t train truly lose extra weight and hold it off. 

Not solely does she declare that compensatory conduct – like overeating to make up for energy burned, and permissiveness since you’ve labored out – ruins your food regimen, however she additionally makes the extremely offside assertion that train ‘drains your willpower’ and due to this fact you’ll have much less of it in your food regimen.

‘Train helps you keep heavy’. Uh, no. It doesn’t.

Whereas train alone isn’t nice for weight reduction – I at all times say weight is misplaced within the kitchen – scaring individuals away from one thing that has nice worth for bodily and emotional well being is absolutely reckless. In case your food regimen is that strict and that low in energy that it doesn’t go away room for train, that’s a RED FLAG X 10000.

She goes on to say that after a number of months of being on the food regimen, you possibly can incorporate train. Speak about combined indicators. Inform those who train retains you fats, however then give them permission to do it. What?

Thompson additionally makes some attention-grabbing claims.

She says that earlier than occurring her food regimen, she went from a measurement 4 to a measurement 24 in 3 months, which is bodily unimaginable.

She claims that Brightline is ‘the simplest food regimen on this planet’, however there’s zero proof of this. She does ‘analysis’ on her personal purchasers, and for all of her boasting she additionally has by no means printed a peer-reviewed paper. 

She claims {that a} Brightline follower with sort 1 diabetes was in a position to come off insulin. This declare shouldn’t be solely unimaginable, it’s additionally irresponsible and harmful.

Brightline Consuming is a advertising and marketing machine. All the net weblog evaluations of it comprise a number of affiliate hyperlinks, are clearly biased, and maybe sponsored. The Amazon evaluations of the guide are overwhelmingly constructive however while you look carefully, a lot of them have been written on the identical precise date. HM.

The Brightline web site is like one big gross sales pitch. And, though there are free movies of Thompson talking her truths, you then have to pay to have entry to all the pieces else. The bootcamps, Brightlifers, Rezoom for while you fall off the wagon, and even a Fb assist group. It’s a complete bait and swap. 


This food regimen is endorsed by charlatans like Mark Hyman and Gary Taubes. Sufficient stated. 

Brightline is similar to Meals Addicts Nameless, which is free, versus round $500 for Brightline. Picture that.

My Shiny Line Consuming Overview

Don’t observe the recommendation of somebody who tells you to place tape over your mouth to stop you from consuming. 

Brightline is low calorie and seems to be low carb. It comprises a ton of greens, however that’s not essentially going to fulfill you for those who’re not consuming an inexpensive portion of different meals with them. 

Brightline rejects all of your inside cues. These exist for a purpose, and it is best to by no means be shamed in your starvation or for eager to eat cake at your wedding ceremony. 

This food regimen convinces those who they’re addicts who can’t belief or management their our bodies. That’s insane. It additionally saps all of the enjoyment from consuming and amps up nervousness round meals. 

A food regimen that tells you to not train is both not based mostly in science or, is depriving you of sufficient energy or, is depriving you of an outlet in your stress. Most likely all of those, truly. 

You’ll must pack your individual meals for events and potlucks and no matter else, and in eating places, you’ll must haul out a scale and weigh your meals. 

I warning everybody to not alternate one obsession with one other, and by no means weigh meals or blatantly food regimen in entrance of children. 

Individuals in danger for disordered consuming (and doubtless those that don’t know if they’re) mustn’t observe this food regimen. It’s like one big set off. 

Consuming the Brightline method gained’t essentially treatment you of your ‘meals habit’, as a result of when you have these, you a lot have underlying points that want caring for. Meals is commonly only a symptom of one thing bigger. 

This food regimen is a punishing, shaming advertising and marketing monster, and though it might work for some individuals, time will inform if it’s sustainable. I positively DO NOT advocate it. 

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